A year in review: Australia, India, Paris, Prague, Cuba and a new home – Berlin!

Last year was a huge year for Natalie and the Romance. In January front woman Natalie Magee celebrated her 700th live performance with a gig at the Park Hyatt Hotel in Sydney at her regular Friday night solo piano/vocal performance residency.

Next up was three months in India! Natalie’s third trip to her favourite country, this journey was full of endless music. Among many incredible concerts, Natalie also attended the World Sacred Sprit Sufi Festival and was in awe of the Sufi musicians she witnessed performing there.

Natalie organised and performed at an International Women’s Day event that she put on for 100 young school girls in Jodhpur, Rajasthan and spent time in Rishikesh studying Harmonium and Voice.

Next stop was two weeks in Paris followed by one week in Prague meeting new musicians and watching orchestras and jazz concerts.

Natalie then moved to Berlin where she currently lives. Natalie spent the first weeks performing on Merlin and voice alongside Indian Sitar player and vocalist Imran Khan. In August Natalie and the Romance were booked to do an acoustic set at East Side Music Days on the Spree River which was beautiful.


After a few months Natalie took a detour to Cuba for 3 weeks to learn more about Cuban music and was completely blown away by the incredible musicians she saw and met there.

Now back in Berlin, Natalie is performing, writing new music and running a project called Music By Heart in which she runs weekly free music workshops for young children who are currently displaced from their homes. www.facebook.com/musicbyheartcommunity

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